Welcome to the inaugural issue of Underwater Planet Magazine, the magazine committed to promoting the diving industry and all that it has to offer.  As you read the articles you will feel immersed in the experiences described as we take you around the world.  Each photo and article is designed to inspire new divers and re-inspire those who have hung-up their wet suits. “Seeing is Believing”, there are no words to describe the thrill of exploring your first Coral Reef or Ship Wreck.  The sandy bottom below you beckons the diver in us to discover the secrets it holds while it’s curious inhabitants explore this visitor into their world.

Underwater Planet Magazine is the magazine for you the diver.  We want your input on what articles appeal to you.  If you have an interesting story to tell, let us know.  We look forward to having you submit articles and photos from your own experiences.   Send us an email so we can help us spread the word about special events, new wrecks, contests and any news involving the diving world.  Underwater Planet Magazine is here to promote and preserve the Scuba Diving world through our passion for the sport.

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