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Let me be the first to welcome you to Underwater Planet Magazine, the Magazine of the Diving Industry. Underwater Planet is published by and the creation of Divers Only, as an all encompassed media of the sport of Scuba Diving. Through all of our travels we spoke with thousands of divers from all over the world and found that we kept hearing the same thing. Divers wanted a magazine that explored our sport and answered questions. We listened, took notes and alas Underwater Planet was born.

We took all of the comments that we heard about dive publications and compiled them into a list of the top ten desires of the divers themselves, YOU. This list is what we used to create the format of Underwater Planet Magazine and bring you the most complete and comprehensive dive magazine available. Underwater Planet Magazine gives you the information that you want in an easy to read, compact and portable format. Undoubtedly, the most popular underwater activities are photography, reef diving and traveling to exotic locations but that’s not all there is to do under the waves. There are numerous different things that can be done in the realm of scuba diving including Wreck diving, Spearfishing, Rebreather diving and even Freediving (breath-hold diving). Reviews on the latest and greatest of diving equipment will keep you up to date on the cutting edge in diving technology. We will tickle your senses with unbelievable photographs as we take you to the places you have only dreamed of and show you how to make them your reality. Every issue will bring you stories by other divers, just like you, that are so innovative and exciting that to you feel like you are in the water with them. We dangle these new diving experiences in front of you for one reason, to get YOU to try them with us!

The vision of Underwater Planet Magazine and Divers Only is to give you a taste of all aspects in our sport. The informative articles will keep you captivated in every issue as well as interest you in the many experiences that Scuba Diving has to offer. In a world of repetition and monotony diving brings us a sense of wonder and adventure, a thirst that can only be quenched by venturing under the waves.

We hope that you take these new found underwater interests and explore them with your local certified diving facility, remember that there is no replacement for proper scuba training by a certified instructor. The experiences that you will encounter will change the way you see the world and begin you on a journey that fills your heart with love and appreciation for our Underwater Planet.

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